Top 5 PS2 Games that you have to check out!

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) created a great interest for console gaming. So here’s my first list dedicated to my Favourite Video-Gaming Console, THE PS2. 
P.S This is my personal list and I have included only those games that I like the most, also they are randomly placed. 

1. Burnout 3: Takedown

This amazing car racing game not only has the game mode of a normal race against a few bots (A.I) but, it has many other game modes such as Crash, Road Rage and Time attack. You can also play this game in a multiplayer mode i.e you can choose the number of friends you are playing with and play the crash mode one by one using the same controller and try to beat your friend’s score. You can also play this game online. More than 1.33 million copies of this game were sold. Here is the description of the main game modes even though there are around 17 game modes in total in this game.

Crash Mode; In this mode you have to drive your car into the heavy traffic and do as much damage as you possibly can. More Damage = More Reward.
Road Rage mode; In this mode you drive your car along with many “Bot” cars you have a certain amount of laps and you have to Takedown as many bot cars as you can. 
Time Attack; You have a certain amount of time and you have to complete the race, usually in this mode there are no bot cars. You get a medal based on the time you took to complete the race.
This game has good graphics for a PS2 game and a great gameplay.

2. Tekken 5

The amazing Arcade-Fighting series; ‘Tekken’ made a huge fan base. Tekken 5 was released on Arcade on November 2004 in Japan and a month later in North America. It came to PS2 on;
Japan;- 31st March, 2005
Europe;- 24th June, 2005
North America;- 24th February, 2005
This was the 8th best-selling ps2 games of all time, approximately 6 million copies of this game was sold.It had really easy controls which made it easy to play even for those who were trying it out for the first time. This game also had the Tekken 1, Tekken 2, Tekken 3 and StarBlade. YOu could also customize your character’s outfit and let them equip items. It had a side-story “Tekken Devil:Within”. The game modes in the game were;
Time attack
Story Mode 
Team Battle 
VS. Battle 
Arcade History 
Tekken: Devil Within

Tekken 5 had easy controls and a great storyline.

3. Def-Jam fight for NY

DJ fight for NY is a fighting game which has many hip-hop stars. You can play this game in story mode too. The story mode has many cut-scenes and lots of fights. As you advance in the story mode in this game you unlock different Arenas, Players and yes, Songs. This game has a feature of inputting cheat codes and unlocking different things. You can have free battles and choose your rival’s and your character. Maximum 4 players can play this game at one time. 
This game has a lots fighting moves, you can use the environment to attack your opponent and you can also create your own fighting champion.

4. God Of War

God of war is one of the most popular third-person action-adventure game for PS2. This game was released on March 22 in the year of 2005. on PlayStation 2 The main character of this game is Kratos who is out to take a revenge from the barbarian king, Alrik. This game is filled with ruthless and gory attacks and kills. The weapon in this game is known as the Blades of Chaos. They are a pair of blades with chains attached to them. The chains are tied to Kratos’ forearms. This game was 11th best-selling Playstation 2 video game of all time, more than 4.5 million copies of this game were sold worldwide. 
The game has easy controls and satisfying and gory kills.  

5. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5

Based on the world famous anime “Naruto Shippuden”, “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5″was released on December 20, 2007 in Japan. This game lets you play free battles and also in the open- world (Story Mode) in the Story mode you get to know the full story of the anime. You go on quests in this game or just simply roam around enjoying the atmosphere of the Hidden Leaf Village♥. This game has many characters including the younger “versions”. This game was the fifth and the last instalment of the Ultimate Ninja series. This game also has the Ultimate Jutsus of all the characters. This game has Japanese audio only but, you will get subtitles at the bottom. 
If you love the anime then you’ll surely love this game. P.S If you are a Naruto fan, then don’t forget to go to Ichiraku’s Ramen Shop 😍😍 

Thank You for checking out this list! Make sure to stay tuned so that you don’t miss any list that I publish!

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