Top 6 GBA Games you shouldn’t miss out!

GBA (Gameboy Advance) was a hand-held video gaming console which managed to attract many people around the globe. But now the number of shops who sell it have decreased, and even if you manage to get the console you would rarely get the games, So why not play those games on your computer, mobile or any other device you have at home. This is a list of Top 5 GBA Games you shouldn’t miss out!

P.S 1)This list excludes all the Pokemon games ’cause we all know about them. 😛 
2) At the bottom of the page I’ll give you the link to download the best GBA Emulator for your device.

1. Mother 3

Alright, so first let me make this clear that this not a “Mommy-Simulator”, ‘Kay? It’s a great game with a great and gripping story, with lots of different monsters and a lots of turn-based battles.You will find this game in almost every list of best GBA games. It also has simple yet great graphics (for a GBA game (-_-) ) Make sure you don’t ignore this one!

2. Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is surely one of the most popular game for GBA. It’s an action game which includes the different forms of the X-Parasite, Outer Space and Sci-fi weapons. Once you are infected by the X-Parasite you are sent to Galactic Federation and they come to the conclusion that X has infected your central nervous system. After all this has happened you come to know that you can use the nuclei of the the X-Parasite for nourishment. Soon, there is an explosion on BSL station and you are sent to investigate. I assure you won’t get  bored while playing this game once you start playing it. (At least I didn’t…)

3. Grand Theft Auto: Advance

Yes, there is a GTA for GBA, and it’s amazing. GTA: Avance is an Open-World, Action-Adventure games. This game features Cops, Guns, Cars, a whole city to explore and of course missions, lots of them. You have to play this game from the top view of the character. The game is totally fun and you won’t miss this one if you are a fan of the GTA series.

4. Naruto: Ninja Council

Naruto: Ninja Council is based on the world-famous anime; Naruto. Even though the story of this game has almost nothing to do with the actual story. But, still it is a good game. There are fighting combos, Special Moves using chakra and also the Jutsus. There isn’t much to say about this game but, that doesn’t mean that it ain’t fun.

5. Racing Gears: Advance

Racing Gears Advance is a car racing game and it has amazing controls and graphics. You have 11 cars in this game. There are five circuit cups in this game having 5 tracks in each. Specific drivers drive specific cars. This game features Licensed vehicles from famous Automobile Companies as given below; 
Mitsubishi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Lotus and Hummer 

6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear

This is a shooting game in which you have to execute the given task. For example, you have to eliminate all the terrorists, Rescue the hostages etc. Four soldiers go to perform this task and you will control the next one if you change the charac ter you are using or just play with the character till he dies. IT’S SURELY ONE OF MY FAVORITE GBA GAMES. IT’S SIMPLY FABULOUS!
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