Is the iPad1 still useful in 2018?

Apple is one of the leading companies in electrical gadgets. Found in 1976, Apple has released numerous devices. The company has released gadgets like iPod,iPad, iPhone, MacBooks etc. iPads are basically tablets but totally different from others in the market. So right now we are going to discuss whether the First Generation iPad (iPad 1) is still useful in 2018?

The iPad 1 runs on iOS 5.1.1 if it is up to date and can store 16 gigs of data. It has a bulky design making it heavier than most of the MacBooks nowadays. You can use bluetooth, WiFi and also your Mobile Data after inserting a SIM card. There is no camera and this device does no longer support YouTube. The older version of the app no longer works and the newer version of the YouTube app requires a higher version of software. But, you can still go to on the inbuilt browser in this tablet called Safari. However, if you wanna know a trick to download newer apps on an iPad1 or anything with an old iOS click the link on the bottom of this page where I will put the link of the trick as soon as I upload it. The Mail app no longer works and same with Facebook messenger. 

So, what can you do with this device?
After using an iPad1 for more than 5 years I can tell you specifically what can you do with this antique device. You can still browse the web on this as efficiently as on any other device new or old. The framework is very strong. There is a way to download newer apps and games as I told you before. You can send iMessages, add contacts and also add reminders. Another thing that I found really amzing in this device was the speaker. The speaker of this iPad is of really high quality and has crystal clear sound. You can use it to send emails through Safari and for some basic work at your office or at home. Many new games can also be downloaded still on iOS 5.1.1. 
My final suggestion?….
There is literally no need to buy an iPad1 but do use it if it is lying around in your house. So, iPad1 IS useful but not worth the money, at least not after so many years of advancement in the gadgets. You can surely make a better use of your hard-earned money by buying a better device.

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