How to Download Newer Apps on an Old iOS! (Legally!)

Alright guys as I promised I decided to upload the trick to download newer apps on an old iOS. I have an iPad1 (and yeah, it still works… surprisingly.) and it has an iOS 5.1.1, but still I got all the apps and games that require iOS way newer than the one that I have. So, if you want to know how I did that follow the steps that I have listed down below. 
[Note: Some apps like Messenger may not work, but 93% of them will.]
1) First step is to download iTunes on your PC.
2) Next, login to the same Apple ID on your PC as the one on your iPad1.
3)Browse the iTunes Store on your PC and decide what app you want and click on install. 
The app will be now synced with your specific AppleID, it will always be there…. Forever…

4) Once the app has been downloaded on iTunes on your PC, open the App Store on your 
iPad1 and go to the ‘Purchased’ tab.

5) It will show the list of Apps and Games you have downloaded in the past. Search for the app you wanted using the search bar in the ‘Purchased Tab’ only.

6) The search result will show a rectangular box with the name of the app, the icon and a cloud button next to it. Click the Cloud-Download button (at least that’s what I call it).

7) A pop-up will ask you whether it should download the last compatible version. Tap on ‘Download’ and soon the app will be downloaded.

Now, Here is the proof that the game I wanted was actually downloaded on my iPad! with iOS 5.1.1 even though the app required iOS 8.0…
The game can be seen on my App drawer.


Here is an in-game screenshot.

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