How to Make Money Online WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENT!

The growth of Internet over the past few years has given many people a chance to earn money and make a huge following. There are many ways to earn money online, but of course it wont make you a millionaire in just one day, you would have to work hard and consistently to earn money online. You can either earn money online by working hard or you can be scammed, the choice is yours. The following is a list of sources from which you can start earning money RIGHT NOW!

PTC Sites

There are many sites on the Internet called PTC sites. The full-form of PTC is Paid-To-Click. As the name suggests these websites pay you for clicking on the ads. For each ad, the site gives you just $0.001. Of course not a really high price, but nonetheless all you have to do is click ads and take your money. According to my calculations, if you click a hundred ads every day you would get $0.1 daily and $3 monthly. But of course if you do the same on multiple sites, say, you click a hundred ads daily on 5 PTC sites then you would make approximately $15 a month. Another reason why I added PTC sites on this list is that most of the PTC sites have Surveys, Mini-Jobs and Offers that you can complete to get paid. They also pay you a decent amount .So, this may not be much but if you also complete surveys and mini-jobs you can get a decent amount of money. Some PTC sites have been listed down below.


Freelancing is one of the best way to make money online. You can also make freelancing your part time job or even a full-time one. You basically have to work like a ‘temporary employee’ for a certain person who has posted a job on the Internet. You first have to make an account and list down your skills. Then, you have to submit an application which will be reviewed and then finally if it is approved you will be able to apply for jobs online. So, if you are a photographer you will get jobs like ‘I want a wildlife photographer to help me with my presentation’ or ‘I want 20 different photos showing different places in a city for a project that I’m working on’. These jobs either have a fixed price or the client pays you at an hourly rate. So, if you’re asking how much you will get paid? Well, the price depends upon the job. If its a long-term project (i.e if it could take maybe more than a month to complete that job) then you could get hundreds even thousands of dollars for just one job!, and for short-term projects you could get anything like $5, $50, $100 or even more than that! You could make a lots of money by freelancing!

Shortening Links

Shortening links can also help you earn some money. Basically, what you have to do is, shorten links using a link shortening website and share that link each click gets you like $0.02. The link could be of anything so, for example you have a blog and you just posted up a new article on your blog so you would shorten the link of that particular article and share it on your Facebook page, Instagram profile or any other social media platform. Now, every one click would mean around $0.02, this would also increase traffic on your blog. But of course this is just a passive income source as you won’t be able to make much. Some websites that can pay you to shorten links are;


Blogging is also one of the best way to earn money online. You can make a blog on about anything Travel Blog, Food blog, Tech review Blog, Blog on DIYs, anything! Many people have taken up blogging as their full-time work. People get paid on blogs through many ways but two of the most effective ways are: Affiliate Marketing and Ad Revenue. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting and reviewing products from companies like, Amazon, and you get paid for doing that it’s that simple! Now, whenever you visit a blog you must have seen Advertisements on the web pages. Nowadays bloggers mostly use Google AdSense and for showing Google Ads they get paid.

YouTube if used correctly can be a Gold Mine just like blogging. You can make videos and upload them on YouTube and the videos can be on anything you like to do, Sport, Teaching, Gaming, Motivational Speaking, Beauty etc. YouTube requires not much of investment(you just have to buy a camera to shoot good videos that’s all) and Google AdSense is also used in YouTube. The ads are shown before the video, in between the video or small banners of advertisements are shown on each of your video. You can start Affiliate marketing on YouTube too. 

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