The Best Free-to-Play Games Ever Released for PC!

Don’t we all love to see that the game we wish to download has the label saying ‘Free To Play’? Therefore, if you haven’t played these free-to-play games then you must at least read all the names of the game and download them ASAP. The games are not in any particular order and are just placed randomly.

1. League Of Legends

LoL is a free MOBA game and is inspired by a game called ‘DOTA 2’. Personally, I like LoL much better than DOTA 2. There are over 140 champions to choose from and a few game modes as well. You can also play Co-Op vs A.I if you’re just starting out. You can experiment with different champions just to find the one that suits you the best.

2. Contract Wars

Contract Wars is a free FPS game. The graphics are pretty decent for a free game and the game and run on almost anything with 2GB RAM or higher. There are many maps and game modes and with a lot of weapons to choose from. The game is made by Russian developers and also has an anti-cheat. The controls are similar to any other ordinary FPS.

3. Paladins

Paladins is an online shooter game available for free on Steam. It has an amazing gameplay and has gorgeous graphics. As of now, 38 champions have been released, which are divided into 4 different categories; Flank, Damage, Support and Frontline. There are three different game modes; Onslaught, Team Deathmatch and Siege. The game is a rip-off of the game Overwatch and some characters
are also very much similar to the ones in Overwatch, but this doesn’t make the game bad in any way. It is a must try if you love multiplayer shooter games. 

4. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a card-based strategy game and is liked by very specific people. You just have to make a deck using the cards you have won from battles and then play those cards in the battle to build a powerful counter to the opponent and eventually defeating your opponent. If you really like role-playing strategy games then this is surely the best one you will find anywhere on the internet for free.

5. Warface

Warface is another FPS available on Steam. It is a great game with spectacular graphics. Recently, the Battle-Royale add-on was also released for the game. The add-on is also free. There are multiple weapons to choose from and is simply one of the best free games on Steam.

6. The Very Organised Thief

The very organized thief is probably one of the most fun game I have ever played in my life. You are a thief who has broken into a house. The owner is not at home and you have a list of items that you have to find and steal in the house. You can either quickly steal everything and run outside the house or you can keep it slow and keep your search on even after the owner makes it home by quietly moving around to find stuff. This game is a must play for EVERYONE! The best part about this game is that this can run on any given PC no matter how low the specs are.

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