9 ways to get more traffic on your blog

Getting more audience on your blog can be a pain in the neck. Many of us cannot find a way to make people know about your blog and your content and make them pay a visit to your blog. Doing this isn’t a day’s work, you will gradually reach the stage where you will start to notice the steady increase in your blog’s statistics. To reach this stage you may need to work really hard for months and months on end. But, of course the sooner you start to working towards that stage the sooner you will achieve it. So let’s start RIGHT NOW!


First of all, I am going to start with the most basic thing, that is, consistency towards writing blog posts. This may be the most basic thing but it matters THE MOST. This alone can bring you a lot of audience. Consistence towards blogging will mean that all the visitors will return to a blog with a lot of posts and thus, they may click on other posts that may attract them on your blog. No one wants to visit a blog with only 3 posts with all three that attracts them. Instead, people would prefer to visit a blog with 300 posts even if only 3 posts attract them. Preferably you should fix a day of the week when you publish a post on your blog. By doing this your audience would know when to return to your blog. These types of visitors are known as returning visitors or active readers. These visitors are really important as they are active and have a reserved view every time you post an article. Another trick to get more returning visitors is to place a ‘Subscribe’ button on your blog. Doing this is either very easy to do or is already done for you. 


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool made by Google Inc. which is pretty obvious. It is used to track your audience on your blog or website. To track your audience you get a special Google Analytics ID, once you link the ID with your website you start getting updates on many statistics of your website like;

Users: the number of people who visit your website.

Sessions: Number of times people visited your website.

Bounce Rate: When people quickly click away from your site or a certain post on your website it is known as a bounce. The lower the bounce rate the better it is.

Session Duration: Session duration is the average time a user stayed on your website.

Traffic Channel: This shows how you acquire your users; this could be by Direct Opening of your website, Organic Search, Social Media, Referral and many other ways.

Source/Medium (of the users): This shows the source or medium by which people were able to reach your site. If someone reached your website by Social Media then this option shows what social media platform helped them reach your site.

User Retention: User retention shows how well you did in retaining your users and keeping them stuck to your blog.

Sessions by Country: This shows from what countries you are getting users.

Users by Time of the Day: This shows the number of users active on your website at what time of the day and the day of the week when you have the highest number of users. This could help you in choosing the day when you post a new article on your blog.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another tool by Google and is the most useful one if you have a website or a blog. Thousands and Thousands of searches are made worldwide on Google Search Engine alone. To get more Organic views you need to be found on the web. This tool will help you with exactly that. Other helpful features available in this tool are as follows;

HTML Improvements; This shows anything that can be improved in the HTML code of your website that can make the site even more better and responsive.

Sitemaps; You can submit a sitemap of your blog to Google Search Console which will make you visible in google search results in the next 24 hours of submission.

Data Highlighter: Highlights the data on your blog posts as description, titles, author, Date Published etc. This is helpful when you are found on Google Search Results.

Mobile Usability: This improves the performance of your website on mobiles.

Performance: This feature shows the performance of your blog in Google search results. The performance can be further divided into two parts;

Total Impressions: Total number of times a link on your website appeared in the results of a search query.

Total Clicks: Total number of times a person clicked on a link to your website shown in search results.

Social Media

There are millions of people who are extremely active on Social Media websites and apps. Just while you read this line thousands and thousands of images videos and posts were shared by someone on any given Social Media Platform. As you may have figured out that there is a lot of scope to fish out many readers and people interested in your blog. To do so, you need to first make a separate account on a social media platform and make it public. This means that anyone using the particular social media can view, share, like and comment on your posts even if they haven’t followed you. Many people will have second thoughts on agreeing with me on this because, people are afraid that users will come to your profile see all the posts and leave without following. Well, to be honest our main focus is that only, we need more readers on your blog not more follows on your social media platform, also, as the number of people who visit your social media profile the more active readers will be brought to your blog. We will talk about the most important social media platforms later in the post. 



Yes, I know that Google+ should also be the part of Social Media and it is, but, Google+ is the most crucial one for blogging. Google+ is a platform where getting more followers is extremely difficult but once you start getting a few shares and comments and visits you will attract more and more people day by day. To get more people to look at your posts and eventually your blog, you should share all your posts on different communities related to blogging. One of them that I use always to share my posts is ‘Blogging’, straight and simple. This community has many hundred thousand followers. I made many friends and supporters just by sharing my posts on this blog who helped me in many ways. Posting on communities not just helps you create a bigger audience or make new friends but, it also helps you in other ways, for example, I got invitation from a person to write guest posts for his website and he also paid me for it. All the people looking for people to write quality content for their websites don’t search for people individually. They got to regain communities related to blogging and search for people there. You can also make a collection in your Google+ profile and store all your blog posts there. This will help you in organizing your profile and making it easier for people to get all your posts in one place.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a thing you MUST DO if you’re a blogger. Guest Posting is basically writing for someone else’s website and even getting paid for it. If someone has hired you for guest posting they may sometimes give you particular topics, specific word limit and a time limit to write the post. Although this happens only when someone has hired you to guest post. On the other hand if no one has hired you, you can visit different websites who welcome guest posts. There are three main benefits of guest posting; 

1) You get to learn how to increase the word limit of your posts by stretching out everything and explaining it in extreme detail. Also, you get to know how to write better blog posts overall. Things like what type of words you should use, whether you should write in informal language or formal and how to choose your titles and content wisely. 

2) You are paid for guest posting. It doesn’t matter whether you are hired or not in almost all the websites and blogs, you are paid for guest posting. Now who doesn’t want their passion to get some extra cash.

3) Most of the blogs allow the guest blogger to give a small description about them and also place the URL of the guest’s own blog if he/she has any. If you post on popular blogs you will get a lot of traffic to your own blog. 

Other Blogs

As you may know that there are many other people just like you who are trying to be successful in blogging and create a bigger audience. Creating a good relation with these people can benefit you greatly. It is better to have people who have blog on same topic as yours. This is because you both will have audience with same interests and would surely visit your blog. You can get in contact with these people mainly from social media and I would like to stress that Google+ helps in this also, all of the people that I have met who were starting out with a blog, was through Google+. Making better relations with other beginner blogger not only helps you create an audience but they will also sometimes even help with writing your posts and may also give you topics to write posts on. This will affect your blogging experience tremendously.

Google AdWords 

Google AdWords is another tool made by Google to help advertisers. Even though Google AdWords is extremely helpful you may skip this one if you do not wish to pay to advertise your blog. So, AdWords holds certain auctions for specific keywords and google decides who gets the keyword by doing calculations. I will do my best to keep it really easy to understand. There are three main terms that you must know in order to get what I’m saying.

Max CPC bid – CPC means Cost-Per-Click this is the maximum amount that the advertiser can afford to pay every time his ad is clicked on by a person. Keep in mind that the actual amount that you will have to pay will decrease in the end. 

Quality Score – The quality score of your ad is determined by factors like the CTR (click through rate), relevance to the keywords etc.

AdRank – your AdRank is determined when you multiply your max CPC bid by your quality score. The advertiser with highest AdRank gets the top place in placing their ad. 

Now, as I told you that your actual CPC (the money that you will have to pay google for every click on your ad) will decrease, I will show you how your actual CPC is calculated. To understand this let’s suppose that you won an auction by getting the highest AdRank out of all the auctioneers and have secured the first place, your actual CPC will be calculated by dividing the AdRank of the person who secured the second place by your quality score and adding $0.01 to the quotient.

Note that an auction is run every time a person runs a search and is related to the keyword you placed a bid for. Thus, your AdRank is never constant it fluctuates with respect to the relevance with the keyword entered by the person.


YouTube is a platform where you can get a lot of audience easily. Doing this doesn’t require anything like Google AdWords, search console or anything like that. To start getting a bigger audience you need to just follow the first step, that is consistency. You need to be consistent in uploading videos and as you read previously, you should preferably select a certain day in the week when you upload a video. Your videos must be of good quality in order to gain an audience. No one wants to watch a video with a frame rate of 7 fps in 240p with a choppy audio. YouTube channel works just like a blog, the more quickly you upload good videos and fill your channel with more and more videos, there will be a better chance that people would to rummage through your channel to search for something more interesting. Now, i would suggest you to make a YouTube channel and keep the same name as your blog’s and also upload the same content that you have published on your blog. If you do not wish to create a YouTube channel then, I am sure that many of you will have friends who are on YouTube or have a blog or anything like that. Well, you can take an advantage of that and ask them to place your blog’s link in their description and also give your blog a shout out. In return you can place a link to your friend’s YouTube channel in your posts. Also, you could let your friend upload the same content as one of your blog posts and of course, give you and your blog a clear attribution. This would help both of you and would attract more people.

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