How to start working on a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform which was bought by Google in 2006. YouTube has given many people an opportunity to make a huge fan following. If you wanna make good use of this opportunity, you might need some helpful advice. Your main motive should be to stand out in the crowd. So, I have put together a list of things you should keep in mind while working on a YouTube channel.

Quality > Quantity
The first thing that I’m going to be telling is something you have heard a thousand times already but, I have to put it in my list because it’s crucial for you to understand that Quality > Quantity. Making high-quality videos and putting in more efforts in it will attract more people than the ones made with minimal effort. People consider subscribing to a channel with 10 High-Quality videos with proper and detailed explanation and crystal clear audio recording and HD  video recording over those with 100 videos with choppy audio and 240p resolution. Using a video editor to finalise your videos is a good idea. Using a high-end editor is not necessary, an average video editor like AVS Video Editor will be more suitable for beginners. Make sure to keep the transitions between different video clips smooth, as this changes the overall quality of the video. I would recommend you to use an external microphone for recording audio, the ones on headphones would do the job just as well. Adding a piece of background music at a low volume will also make your videos better. Make sure to relate the music with the video, don’t go around putting deafening Rock music on a video of kittens running on grass.
Type Of Content
Making original content is also very important, nobody wants to watch the same video they watched on another channel in a different language or with a different thumbnail or a different way of presentation. Creating original content will make people come to your channel just to watch those videos that they won’t be able to watch on any other channel. This leads to people subscribing to your channel and this eventually leads to a growth in your audience. This would also let the people know that you put some effort into making your videos and don’t make videos on things that thousands of other YouTubers have already made a video on. Making a video on something totally offbeat and unusual automatically stand out of the crowd and would thus attract more viewers. For example; not many people would be attracted to a video titled ‘Fortnite gameplay’ which just shows you playing a random match of Fortnite. However, there is a better chance of a video titled ‘Playing Fortnite with just the melee weapon’ to attract more viewers. Here’s a simple formula to sum it all up;
Original Content + Unusual Content = More Audience

Don’t Waste Your Money
Don’t go out buying expensive pieces of equipment even before you have decided to carry on working on YouTube. You need to work hard for years to make a fan following. Buying equipment and other stuff and working on YouTube for a month and giving up after that will waste your money. Equipment like green-screens, camera lenses, lighting equipment is something you should buy only when you have made up your mind to work on YouTube for years on end. Extra equipment are anyway not necessary, you can make quality videos even without these things. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to work on your YouTube channel. If you’re impatient, you will end up giving up on YouTube after weeks if not months. Since YouTube is a HUGE platform it would take a lot of hard work to make people notice you and as I already told you making quality video would help you a lot. You will need to wait to watch your average views on videos start to go from 0 to ten and then to hundreds. Once, your videos start hitting a 100 on an average it means you have come across your first milestone on the journey of becoming a professional YouTuber. Also, getting likes is more difficult than getting views and getting comments is the most difficult thing. Once you have hit around a 1000 subscribers or have worked on the channel for around a year, you could buy cheap equipment starting from a better camera or maybe a microphone but till then a normal camera lying around at your house would do.

How Often Should you Post Videos?
If you read my post on ways to get more traffic on your blog then, you might know that I talked about how important it is to be consistent about posting on your blog. Same goes with YouTube you need to post videos regularly in order to keep your audience stuck to your channel having a time period of 2 to 3 weeks is totally acceptable on YouTube as this time period is not too long yet, long enough for you to complete the project. As a beginner, you might be comfortable with two to three weeks to make decent videos. But as you start gaining subscribers and get a hang of editing and shooting of the videos, things would become much faster but, you will reach this that stage gradually and there is no need to be in a hurry. Remember people prefer the quality of the video over the time between uploading videos, the number of videos or anything else so take your time and give your best on every video. Once your videos are well made, people will automatically start coming to your channel and even consider subscribing.

Making your Channel Visually Attractive
Another good practice to make great and attractive titles and thumbnails. Even though this doesn’t matter much as compared to other things that we have discussed, it sets the first impression of the video. Don’t mind throwing in a clickbait once in a while. Using Adobe Photoshop or a decent photo editing software, you can make attractive thumbnails which would make your video stand out in the results. Making a title that explains the content of the video helps the viewers understand what you’ll be talking about in the video and decrease the bounce rate. Making ‘cliffhanger titles’ would also help you to generate more views. Go for a title that says ‘Everybody thought he was a noob until…’ instead of ‘A pro disguised as a noob aced the enemy team in LoL.’ Include important links, your social media accounts and a brief summary of the video in the description too. Making a channel art and a logo would also improve the appearance of your channel. Also, consider making an intro and an outro to improve your videos. You could make intros from

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