What are Hyper Casual Games? | How can you make your own Hyper Casual game?

What are Hyper Casual Games?Hyper Casual is a new genre introduced to all players worldwide. Since the time first few games were launched under this genre, hyper casual games have attracted a humongous amount of audience. The games made in this genre have simple graphics and smooth and easy gameplay. Even after being made with not very complex code, companies like VOODOO have released many games on Google Play Store having millions of downloads. Some of my favourite Hyper Casual Games made by VOODOO are; Dune!, Helix Jump and Snake vs Block.

What makes Hyper Casual games unique?

One of the games published by VOODOO named Dune is my personal favourite. The aim is to make a ball roll on dunes and try keep the ball at a high speed and smoothly slide over dunes. The thing that makes this game more enjoyable were the colourful, satisfying and smooth animations. The game is easy to play and really makes you want to keep playing it forever. This also explains the basic rule that almost all Hyper-Casual games follow; Easy controls, Smooth gameplay, Colourful animations and addictive. Even though you might get bored after a while but you will eventually start playing once again. Another game called The Tomb Of The Mask was released and went viral and soon got millions of downloads. The game was again easy to play and had great animations. TOTM had retro graphics and had an “arcade-styled” gameplay. This became another reason for its increased popularity as all retro gamers who used to love their Gameboy and Nintendo DS consoles came to play this game for some nostalgia and to experience something more “modern yet old”. Now, if you notice, games like Geometry Dash, Color Switch, Helix Jump – they all have satisfying animations. Apart from animations, games like Smash Hit have calm and relaxing soundtrack. The sound of the breaking glass is also pretty soothing. The basic characteristics of a hyper casual game is the only reason that makes them special and more enjoyable.

How can you make your own Hyper Casual Games?

Making a hyper casual game is really simple and just requires a lot of imagination and creativity combined with some intermediate coding skills. You could make games with HTML5 and could make amazing games. Some examples of games made with HTML5 are Angry Birds, hexGL, Treasure Arena etc. Even though HTML5 is ancient now, it is still good to make casual and fun games! You could also make games using a software known as Buildbox which makes game development super easy. You had to pay for using Buildbox when it was released but not any more! Developing video-games with little or no coding skills is now a reality with this amazing app. I would still prefer Unity over Buildbox, as Buildbox may make things easier for you, Unity has been used for developing games for many years and gives you much more flexibility and control over things.

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