30 tricks to become a better PUBG player!

  • If you are certain that there are enemies nearby and you need to loot a crate kept in an open field or on a road or anywhere you are an easy target and there is no cover nearby. You should throw a smoke grenade and quickly loot the items.

  • If you don’t have a smoke grenade or don’t want to waste one and instead take a calculated risk, go up to the crate, crouch, and constantly move back and forth while staying in the range of the crate.

  • While looting pick up those items first that are not highlighted in yellow, i.e. pick up those items first which are not registered on your auto pickup. Since the items marked yellow will be picked up automatically, you could conveniently scroll down and search for other items and pick those up. This makes looting a trillion times faster.

  • After you land keep sprinting in the house and search every single room on every single floor before you move to the next house. Also, while looting the houses use the same tactic of moving back and forth on the items especially if there is a window nearby, because in the first few minutes of the game all the players look for others in houses and also peek through the windows.

  • While looting an air-drop, park your car right beside the drop so you have extra cover. As you are looting the drop, there could be a camper or a sniper aiming at you, so you need to keep moving back and forth while looting an air-drop too. Stay extra cautious if there are houses nearby because buildings are most likely to have snipers or campers.
Combats and Fighting:-
  • Always take some boost before engaging in a combat, it will help you gain movement speed and also help you heal over time. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers during small combats involving not more than 3 enemies. Inject an Adrenaline Shot when you’re surrounded by enemies and/or fighting in the last circle.
  • Don’t peek for too long. Move in and out of the cover slowly figuring out where the enemy is and when you’re sure about it, take a peek and aim as close to the head as you can and simply shoot.
  • When there is someone right in front of you in open, shoot at him and lie down abruptly. Going prone helps you dodge few shots fired at your upper body and would confuse the enemies. This trick is for beginners and especially those who are using 2 thumbs to play.

  • Learn to move and shoot at the same time. In situations when you face an enemy right in front of you, run and jump in circles around the enemy while shooting at him, instead of standing there like a mannequin. This will make it difficult for the enemy to aim.

Inventory And Loadout:-
  • Always keep a pistol with extra 15 ammo. This helps in killing knocked out enemies when you’re running low on bullets. Pistols are also really helpful in early game if you just have a shotgun. While you’re looking for some Rifles, pistol could help you get some kills.

  • Keep long weapons on the second slot and smaller weapons like SMGs in the first slot. The weapons kept on the first slot are pulled out by the character from over his shoulder and if you’re hiding behind a rock, small wall or behind a window, the enemy would be able to see the weapon being pulled out from far away.

  • My personal favourite loadouts are;
UZI + M416
M416 + Kar98k
DP-28 + AWM
M249 + AWM
  • Prefer not to play with a Shotgun and a Sniper, as Snipers are suitable for Long-Ranged combats and Shotguns are for Short-Ranged combats. So, you would not be able to engage in Mid-Range combats which are the most common combats in PUBG based on distance.

  • Once you get a 4x, 6x or any other scope, do not throw away Holographic scope or Red Dot Sight. 4x and 6x are good for Long Ranged shots, but you will not be able to fight people close to you as you would not be able to aim at someone with 4x as efficiently as a Red Dot. So keep Long ranged and Short ranged scopes and keep switching them while you’re travelling.

  • Alter your Auto-Pickup settings, I take 5 Frags, 5 Smoke, 3 Molotov and 2 Stun Grenades, and take 30 extra bullets for pistol instead of the default auto pickup setting set at 15 bullets. I use bandages very frequently so I pickup 15 bandages. Change these settings according to your convenience as it will help you loot much faster.

  • If you are driving in the open and start getting shot at, the best thing to do is keep your car moving from left to right and also use Speed Boost during situations like this. Try to keep the direction from where you were shot at facing the backside of your car. From the back there is least exposure of your body.

  • If you landed at a place and are a million light years away from the safe zone, keep a gas can with you because in situations like these, you need to get away ASAP so we tend to use Speed Boost which burns a lot of fuel. You never know if you’ll find another vehicle so you should take precautions and pick up a gas can.

  • If you’re running low on fuel and need to hurry up, the best trick to save fuel is to accelerate up till the top speed without using speed boost and then keep tapping the speed boost button instead of holding it down.

  • When using the Three-Seater Motorcycle aka The-Devil’s-Own-Ride and there are two passengers, one should sit in the sidecar while the other one drives. This helps in maintaining the balance of the motorcycle.

Hiding/Taking Cover:-
  • If you’re wearing a Ghillie suit and you have to hide in fields, I would

    suggest you to crouch in bushes instead of going prone in long grass. First reason is, that bushes don’t hide you completely but, you can say only 4% of your body can be seen. The second and the most important reason is, that you have a very limited aim when you’re prone and sometimes you cant even see because of grasses in front of your face. On the other hand you have free aim when you’re crouched and you can clearly see over the grass.


  • Having a car in the last circle in an open field is a blessing. You could park this car right beside a rock or a tree and blow the vehicle up. Now, the vehicle has been destroyed, you have a huge cover. Blown up vehicles are invincible and as good as any rock, tree, shack etc.

  • Always change your position when you’re in a house and there are many people around, also prefer being crouched. Take the advantage of TPP and look through windows while standing beside them and peek out of the windows only to take a quick glance around with a scope or when you want to shoot someone.

  • If you’re being shot at and you’re running towards cover, don’t run straight because if the guy just shoots a bit ahead of you he would get a clean shot and would deal a loads of damage. So run, jump, lie down, do whatever you can to dodge the bullets. If you press Jump and Prone button at the same time, your player would jump, go prone in the air, fall to the ground and start running again. This would help you, because a sniper usually aims for the head and when you’re doing this your head would be moving and would make it really difficult for the sniper to follow.
  • It totally depends on your personal preference and convenience. Some people like the shoot button right beside aim button and some like it better, away from the aim button. Placement of buttons is up to your own personal choice. I have shown you my controls layout that I prefer.

  • Increase the transparency of the buttons as you get used to the layout. This would help you see better.

  • I would suggest you to use 3 finger claw as it is the easiest technique of controlling. People using two thumbs get used to this technique easily.

  • Enable peek and scope and keep the buttons near the aim button or fire button so that you can easily reach for them when in need. Also keep your sprint button in easy reach to start sprinting easily.
    • The fastest way to land is to look completely down and keep your joystick inclined as far to the left or right while you’re still facing down. Face away from your destination at an angle of 90°.
    • If your destination is far away then the fastest way to cover more distance is by making your camera as far up as you can and move your joystick to the fron while facing your destination.
    • If you’re just above your desired landing point you should face completely down and push the joystick forward.

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