Top 5 Free-To-Play Low End PC Games | F2P Low-End PC Games

In this list I will be featuring the top 5 free-to-play low-end games that I have played. I made a list on the top F2P games for pc and got a great response and thus, I decided to make another list of 5 more games that I have played recently. If you haven’t read my previous post on F2P PC games, Click Here! These are the games that I have personally played and had immense fun while playing these games. They are free to play and require 2-4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics Card will work smoothly.

Brawlhalla is a 2D fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games, who have also

developed an MMO game called the Dungeon Blitz. Brawlhalla was released in the year 2017. It currently has 45 Legends each with different weapons and moves. On the game’s official website it says, No Pay to Win. No Pay to Play. No hidden fees. No monthly costs. No pay walls.”, this statement is actually true and the developers also promise that; “it’s going to stay that way forever.”. Brawlhalla has been a part of eSports for couple of years now. It has easy to learn controls and has a kind of “Arcade Fighting Game” feel to it. The animations are tremendously amazing. The knockouts are pretty satisfying and buttery smooth and it requires skills to master this game. You have to learn a number of different things to become better, things like, dodge timings, moving around the arena, different combos and everything else you need to learn to become a pro in a game that actually requires practice and dedication to win and not just money.

Scram is an MMORPG developed by ‘spleen’. The game is an FPS shooter with 3

different game modes and lots of guns. The game is fast paced and not really great graphics but it doesn’t affect the quality of the game. My favorite game mode is Evacuation in which peasants are armed with guns and rifles and have to find a radio and call a Helicopter for rescue and the other team of mutants (or zombies) have to eat all the peasants and prevent them from escaping. The thing that makes this game special is that it has lots of humorous references to certain historical events and also have amusing names of the guns. AK-47 in this game is, Ate-Cake 47, a light machine gun with highest number of bullets is called Vietnam destroyer and the Thompson SMG is Johnson SMG. My favorite feature in this game is that you can fart anytime you want to which is a really amazing thing that no other game has.

Team Fortress 2
     TF2 is one of the best Free-To-Play FPS games you can find anywhere on this

It has 9 different classes to choose from which are divided into three different categories, Offense; which consists of Scout, Soldier and Pyro. Defense; which consists of Heavy, Demoman and Engineer and at last, Support; which consists of Sniper, Medic and Spy. Each class has different weapon and abilities and a different playstyle. There are 14 official game modes in this game and over a 100 official maps! The gameplay is great and this game can run on 512 MB Ram!! The combats are extremely fast paced and you don’t get time to rest throughout the match. It requires lots of hours of practice to start getting better. The game has all the qualities to be the best FPS in the market. I highly recommend you to download this game right now!! Although there are some cons about this game, the lobby sometimes lags and when you enter a match, the game gets lag spikes. However, once you start playing the game runs smoothly. I am not sure if this problem is faced by many people but me and my friends who have played TF2 have faced this problem, even though some of them have gaming PCs. Also, Valve once took a decade to fix a tiny error about the character in the game, it just had a one-line fix.

Rules Of Survival
Rules of Survival was officially launched for iOS and Android Smartphones and tabs

but, is now available for PC too. RoS is a Battle Royale game and a rip-off of PUBG. It was developed by NetEase Games and has now crossed over 230 million players. The gameplay is not bad for a free game but has a lot of potential to be improved. It has nothing new to it and is just a plain Battle-Royale. The PC version is starting to get more and more players every passing day. The graphics are good and there are currently two maps in the game ‘Ghillie Island’ and ‘Fearless Fiord’. You can play this game in either Third-Person view or First-Person view. Download this game right away if you want to play Battle-Royale on your Potato PC. Rules of Survival is not available on Steam and to download it click here! Another Battle-Royale on Steam is Creative Destruction but I didn’t want to feature it individually as it is not yet “good-enough”. The game is a complete rip-off of Fortnite and all the matches are overflowing with BOTs. Nonetheless if you want to play Creative destruction, click here.

No More Room In Hell
No More Room in Hell is a Zombie apocalypse surviving game, published in 2011. It

has two game modes, in the survival mode, you have to barricade your house to prevent the zombies from entering. You can do this by hammering some planks on the doorway. There is meagre amount of supply and ammunition available in this game and most of the time your chance of survival is dependent on some melee weapon. The other game mode is Objective mode in which you have to complete a series of objectives are presented to you. You must complete these orders one by one without dying in order to win the match. Each match has maximum 8 players and you all work as a team. The game has great atmosphere, perfect for an apocalyptic theme. There is more to this game than just aimlessly killing every zombie you see. However, this game is unfortunately dying and is pretty much abandoned by the Developers. The reason why I added this game to the list is that, I am still able to find a match or two and I have really nostalgic memories with this game. The game will soon be completely dead, but we can still enjoy it for maybe few more months.

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