How to use USB as external RAM | How to Double your PC’s RAM

I don’t have a High-End “Gaming PC” with staggering specifications that can run anything at the highest settings. However, that doesn’t stop me from finding a decent game to play on my Potato PC. Most of the games still seem to lag and I just found a way to deal with that problem. I converted a USB into an external RAM in just few simple steps. Of course, just like you I was a bit paranoid before following these steps, wondering whether this will work or not, but after playing the games that used to lag on my PC at around 35-40 FPS I was completely thunderstruck. There are so many great things about this method; you don’t need to pay, you need not download any softwares, you don’t even need internet connection and THIS WON’T PUT YOUR PC AT RISK! Nonetheless, you need to be careful about somethings before continuing.
1. All the data on your USB will be erased so make sure to store any important files on your PC till the time you’re using your USB as an external RAM.
2. You won’t be able to store anything on your USB when it is being used as a RAM.
3. DO NOT remove your USB if it is being used as RAM.
Also, you will be able to stop your PC to stop it from using the USB as RAM and would be able to store files and use it normally once again. The steps to do that will be discussed in the end of the post.
Now that the precautions and DOs and DON’Ts have been discussed let’s start with the first step.

Step 1; After removing everything from your USB and backing it up, go to File Explorer from the taskbar or from anywhere else.

Step 2; After you’re in the File Explorer, click on your USB device from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
Step 3; Right-Click on your USB device’s name and click on Properties which is supposed to be at the bottom of the drop-down box.
Step 4; From the pop-up menu that just appeared, click on the tab named ReadyBoost.
Step 5; In the ReadyBoost tab under Properties, click on the third radio button saying ‘Use this device.’
Step 6; Once you have selected the ‘Use this device’ option, drag the bar all the way to the right. It will go only up till your current RAM (for me it’s 4GB).
Step 7; Click on Apply and then OK to confirm the changes you have made. 
Step 8; Once you have confirmed the changes, wait for the loading and then this file will appear on your USB that’ll be taking up the same size that you entered in the bar in the ReadyBoost tab.
Once this file appears on your screen it means that now finally you have doubled your RAM. Now, don’t unplug your USB unless if you want your PC to crash. 
How to Stop using your USB as RAM and start using it normally once again?
To do so, you need to follow the following steps;
1. Go to your USB in File Explorer.
2. Right click on the Device’s name and click on properties
3. Click on ReadyBoost tab.
4. Select the Radio button saying ‘Do not use this device’
5. Hit Apply and OK, let it load and now the file that had been created will be deleted.
6. Now, you can safely remove your USB from your PC and/or start using it for storing files once again. 

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