Top 20 Quirky and Strange Websites on the Internet!

 We all have come across some strange and quirky content on the Internet no matter what the platform is. Internet is an amazing platform for sharing your thoughts and your interest with now, over 3.2 billion users. Many people use this liberty to share the most senseless and offbeat content for all the users to see. Users did not resort to just some posts on Social Media, people started making Websites that make completely no sense. In this list I have compiled 20 of the most strangest websites on the Internet. 

Pointer Pointer is a strange yet fun website to while away some time. When you visit the website, you have to place your cursor anywhere on the screen and a random image will appear with a person pointing right at your cursor. The website has tons of images and covers all possible places where a cursor can be placed. 

This has to be the most popular website on this list. This is also one of the most fun websites. It is basically a game where you have to agree or disagree to certain situations given to you. For agreeing you must press the button and to disagree you have to press “I WILL NOT”. The game has a huge community and you can make your own dilemmas and situations.

YouTube has to be the biggest video-sharing platform and one of the most visited websites on the Internet. With thousands of videos uploaded everyday many videos are bound to go unnoticed. Petit Tube shows you those videos uploaded on YouTube that have nearly no views. Almost all of these videos are quite strange. 
Age geek is a website which shows what other people and celebrities achieved at your exact age. It does make you feel unaccomplished and jealous but it’s fun to see other people’s talent and achievements and makes you want to be more productive. You can also sign up for weekly email updates on what celebrities and public figures achieved at your exact age.  

In this website you have to input your date of birth and take a look at all the stars that are exactly as old as you. The website gives you all the information you need to know to locate the star. The Constellation it belongs to, the distance between us and the star, the HIP number to identify the star etc.  

Now this website is actually fun but only good to visit once. This song displays what song defines your life. After knowing your Date of Birth, it displays the song that was #1 on the billboard during your 14th birthday’s week. It doesn’t really make much sense but its fun if you really love that song or is actually relatable. 
Zombo is a really weird and quite useless website like many others on this list. The website just simply shows a loading screen and if you wait long enough, you will know that the loading never ends. Its just an animation that goes on forever and a guy keeps welcoming you to It is good for pranking people or to just waste your time. 

Salmon of Capistrano shows an almost VR like environment filled with jpegs of Salmons and a really edgy background. You can move your mouse around to look at these wonderful fishes from different views and angles. The background color changes as you hover your mouse from one place to another. The webpage also has weird music as an icing on the cake. 

This website has different leaf featured every day and is referred to as “the leaf of the day”. There are different leaves displayed and nobody knows how anyone has the time to do something as unusual as this. You can even contact for “inquiries” or to even submit some scanned images of a leaf you think deserves to be the leaf of the day. 

Worlds Dumbest Game, the name says it all. In this game you have to click and hold a button on the screen. The longer you hold it the more the chance is for you to end up in the leaderboard of the top ten players of that particular day. There are some glitches by which you can trick the game into thinking that you’re holding the button while you play some other game or browse the internet in other tabs of the browser. 

11. Pie.Gd
This website just has a picture of a slice of pie with a scoop of ice-cream on top with some syrup. The pie doesn’t look that delicious but Pies are Pies, and we all love them. The wastage of domain and time to create something like this is unbelievable. The Title of the page is “pie is good”.  

12. TenCents.Info is a website almost similar to The website shows an image of a coin of one dime. There is however a use of this website. The website can be used for a toss of coin. As you reload the website, it randomly displays the heads or the tails of the one dime coin. Even though you can ask google to toss a coin for you, you can still use this website for a toss of coin. 

The developer of this website admits that this website is “rather pointless”. The website shows translation of the phrase “I am a turtle” in 79 languages out of which 17 are not so real languages. There is a link to a page on Marine Turtles on the website World Wildlife Fund. You can contribute the translation of the phrase “I am a Turtle” in your own language and submit. 


This website is similar to It has a never-ending loading animation with a pretty normal “Loading, Please Wait” text on top. Their Facebook page has currently over 118K Likes and Twitter has over 46K Follows. There is a really amusing text making you aware of the usage of Cookies on the website which says, “This site uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies. Deal with it”. The Loading Screen Text keeps changing the longer you stay on the website. “This is taking a bit longer than expected. Please stand by.” and after some time it says. “Thank you for your patience”.  

15. Pun.Me

This is genuinely a useful website yet pretty strange. You can visit this website to search for all different kinds of pun. They are all categorized into different types (Random Puns, Animal Puns, Nature Puns, Crime Puns etc.). You can also look for jokes, quotes, tongue twisters, riddles etc. The website has over 300 puns.

The Name actually says it all, the website on opening shows a Jpeg image of an animated pickle, a plastic model of a donkey and an animated knife. There is no relation between these three objects and probably that’s why ended up in a website designed to make zero sense whatsoever.  
Shruggie is a shrug gesture represented in text it looks like this; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and shows a guy raising his arms and shrugging his shoulders. is a webpage with all the text characters used to build a shruggie jumbled and mixed on the webpage. You have to place them all in the correct order and build yourself a personal shruggie. 

18. Endless.Horse

The website when opened shows a horse made out of punctuation symbols like commas, apostrophes, brackets, full stops etc. When scrolled done we see the legs constructed out of the special character called the vertical bar, which looks like this; | . If we kep scrolling down the legs don’t seem to end. They go on forever stretching out to infinity. The title of the page is something like “hooooooooooorse”. Maybe the guy creating this horse didn’t know how to construct the hooves of the horse and thus covered it up by creating something pointless – or should I say endless. 


The website is pretty much self-explanatory. You can play the old school Rock Paper Scissors with AI. Although there are few people on the internet who would like a casual game but still it’s a bit stupid. It would have been better if there was an option to play with real players online.  

20. tells you when you will turn 10,000 days old. I don’t know what to do with that information however, it’s always good to know. You also get to know when you turned a thousand days old and five thousand days old. I turn 10,000 days old on April 20, 2031.  

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