5 ways to make a decent passive-income online!

The Internet is a blessing given to all of us. Many of us do realise this and have made judicious use of it to do what we love, bring forward our talents and let loose our creativity. The Internet has been a source of entertainment, a platform to connect with people around the globe and has even helped people make their living.

I have already talked about many ways and platforms which you can use to earn money online without any investment on an earlier post. [ Psst… You can stillย read it hereย if you haven’t ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]. The ways that I talked about either have low pay or require a lot of hard work over a long period.

Even though hard work and persistence is the only key to success in all fields, I will tell you all about the platforms that you can use to earn your passive income off of the Internet in (relatively) lesser time!

P.S None of these platforms are for promotion or affiliates, these are plainly my opinions on these platforms based on experience, word of mouth and research.

1. Shopify (Dropshipping)

Drop shipping has helped many young and old people to make a decent amount of profit. If you just wanna start drop shipping then I’m just gonna explain it to you real quick. You, the drop shipper, will help promote the goods or services that a business offers. You will receive the order and you’ll send the order to the business and keep a fraction of the total retail cost paid by the customer.

Here’s a diagram-thingy that I made to help you understand better;

The best platform to practice Drop-Shipping has to be Shopify. The platform itself is easy to understand and ridiculously famous. Many people have made thousands of bucks in profit using Shopify.

Because of its popularity, there is an abundance of guides and tutorials to help out complete beginners that look forward to making money off of their Drop-Shipping business. If you have a page with lots of followers, a Podcast, a Blog or Website that gets a lot of listeners and readers, it would be a piece of cake for you to reach customers.

2. Selling Stock Photos

No matter what type of content creator you are, at some point you’ll need copyright-free quality images to make your website, articles, YouTube videos much more visually appealing. Since there is a lot of demand for these kinds of Stock Images, the supply needs to keep up with it. For people who love photography, this would be a piece of cake and pretty fun too!

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

For all freelance photographers, this could be something like a “side-side-hustle”. There are many websites where you guys can sell your stock photos and make some extra income while enjoying your hobby! Things could not be better for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you look up for the websites, you can easily get many results and just choose which one you like the most, grab your camera and get to work! This way of making passive income is super easy! Putting in the time is necessary for all fields. Your loyalty to the websites also increases your income! My advice for all people who are looking forward to starting selling stock photos is to; either choose a super-specific subject (Animals, Celebrities, Food, Places etc.) or keep putting out random, quality photos. The process may be gradual but don’t lose hope, keep grinding!

I have also listed some of the best websites on my Instagram, using which you can kick-start your stock photography side-hustle! Click here to see that post.

3. Sell eBooks

I believe that deep down in our hearts we all are storytellers and we all have a story to share with the world, something unheard of, something that has the power to inspire! You may not have been hit with that inspiration as of now but if you are a writer and want to share a story with the world, I may have great news for you. The Internet has opened doors to so many opportunities which include making it easier for writers to reach a huge readership easily.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

eBooks are shared on many platforms hosted by humongous companies including Amazon. People prefer eBooks for a quick read because of many reasons; eBooks are at a discounted price, you get the books on your device immediately and you don’t have to go to the store! That makes it especially better during this world-wide lock-down period.

If you are a writer by heart you would already know the basics, writing a book is a piece of cake if you have the will, a story to tell and a little bit of creativity to make it interesting. Any ordinary text editor, an organised mind and a story to tell, that’s all you would ever need to create a successful eBook, at least for a beginner.

Click here to see my Instagram post where I have listed the best online platforms where you can publish your eBooks.

4. Putting out a course on Udemy

You may have a skill that many people would love to learn, Photography, Painting, Photoshop etc. Sharing your skills and making some money off of it has not been easier since the introduction of these platforms and website where you can teach and learn certain courses.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Udemy has to be the easiest and the biggest platform stacked with different courses from people all across the world. Getting an audience for your course would be a piece of cake when it comes to this platform. LinkedIn Learning is also a great alternative.

If you want to stand out when putting out courses, you first need to just focus on what you want to teach people. Choosing a unique topic is always helpful. The next step is to make sure you keep the overall quality as fine as can be. Using a decent microphone would help keep the voice quality great and using video-editors would make the videos visually appealing.

Click here to see my Instagram post where I have listed some courses you should consider starting off with!

5. Online Freelancing

Working as a freelancer online has been made possible by many freelancing platforms and websites on the internet. My personal favourite being Fiverr, as I have used it for a while and will be offering my services there once again.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

As a user of the platform, I found it super easy to use and was very helpful for me too. It showed numerous analytics with the number of impressions, clicks and orders. These statistics can help you improve your gigs, change the title, make it more brief yet eye-catching, change the thumbnail to something more dynamic and pleasing to the customer or change the description making it much more informative and detailed.

As the name of the platform already suggests, the minimum order price is $5 so even if you’re a complete beginner in the Freelancing world, you can still make a decent amount of money per order. The transaction is safe and secured and there is almost nothing to worry about when it comes to Fiverr. I am talking about Fiverr in specific because I have used it and liked it a lot.

There are many more websites where you can offer your freelancing skills and make a generous amount of money.

Click here to see my Instagram post where I have posted the best freelancing websites.

Hope this post helps you in making some extra money to buy that video-game, novel or anything else! I am doing my best to be helpful with these blog posts! It would mean the world to me if you take out a couple of minutes to leave a like, drop a follow and connect with me on any of my social media profiles!
Looking forward to your DM or comment, I’d be THRILLED to have a chat with you!

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