My 5 YouTuber friends who are highly underrated!

After interacting with numerous people on social media, I have discovered many people whose work has not yet been noticed by a large audience. I have lots of love for these people not just for their content but for their amazing and friendly individual personalities. I wanted to make sure that I do my best to get these amazing content creators to receive the love they all deserve so I decided to list out my 5 YouTuber friends who deserve lots of love from a much larger audience. All of these awesome YouTubers are just early in the process and will definitely achieve their goals in the future.


The game ‘Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds’ is already loved by many gamers around the world, and the mobile version just made the community bigger than ever! INDUCE has trained for hours and hours on end to become the great ‘PUBG: Mobile’ player he is today. His videos on YouTube show just a glimpse of his skills and technique. I have played lots of games with him and he never fails to amaze me and his teammates with his game strategy, abilities, and a calm and steady mind even in the worst situations.

He has taken part in many tournaments and played alongside professional clans. He keeps growing as a player and learns from his past wins and losses. His leadership quality and sportsman-spirit is the sole reason that sets him apart from any other player. I have known him personally for well over 10 years now and he is as great a friend as a PUBG player! His channel currently sits at a little over 110 subscribers, I would appreciate it if you go check out his channel and hit the subscribe button.


Weolins puts out gaming videos on his YouTube channel and even live streams frequently! His videos are extremely hilarious, saturated with memes, and some quirky statements here and there. If I had to explain the type of content he puts out in a couple of sentences, I would say “An average teenager who loves to play video-games and just shows his true self with 100% authenticity!”. Weolins has never struggled with making quality content and has never failed to make us all giggle at some point.

He is consistent with his video uploading schedule and is now motivated to be much more active in live streaming after one of his latest live streams got well over 15k views. His videos are sure to bring a smile on your face and make you crack up at some absolute random clips. Weolins is a super close friend of mine and I know that his videos are going to help him get the love he deserves from people around the world. He is working hard and has gathered about 240 subscribers and his determination and persistence will get him many more! Go check out his channel here!


RigsWreck loves to record horror and indie games on her channel. She is a great gamer, a humorous and friendly person and is also very supportive of my blog and Instagram page. She usually records Let’s Plays and Walkthroughs of games that not many people know about. Apart from these bizarre games, her energetic and hilarious commentary makes each second of the video super fun to watch. Rigs is pretty punctual about her uploading schedule and updates her Instagram frequently which consists of some clips from her main video.

Her hard work is reflected in each of her videos with fabulous editing and fast-paced gameplay. If you love video-games and want some hearty laughs, you should check her channel out. I personally love to watch her casual gameplay of some horror games with her being terrified every now and then or sometimes just missing some of the most obvious things in a game and realizing it 10 minutes later. Her channel sits at about 60 subscribers at the moment and it would mean the world to me and her if you go hit the subscribe button. Go check out her channel by clicking here.

Mandrake Wizard

Mandrake has supported me a lot with my blog and I can never thank him enough for it, he is an incredible gamer with an even better personality! He records detailed gameplays of some of the most popular video-games and divides them into short, entertaining videos. His Instagram feed is an absolute treat for the eyes. Each post has a cover that summarises his progress in the game with just one word, and in the next slide he shows us the most entertaining clip from the most recent video.

He always records his videos one game at a time, giving us numerous episodes and videos of the complete walkthrough of the game. He is very serious about his videos and the excellent quality of his content is the perfect evidence of the fact that he is not a slacker. You can always make out from his voice that he is always smiling and happy to bless us with such amazing videos. We all love positive and cheerful people and Mandrake is one of the most cheerful person I know of. His channel currently has approximately 450 subscribers and you need to go ahead and subscribe to his channel, I promise you that you’ll love his videos. Click here!

Blaze Runner

Blaze Runner loves to play Minecraft, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Grand Theft Auto. His videos show some of the coolest Minecraft tutorials. He also records some gameplays and teaches us about some new updates or new features about certain games. His videos are always remarkably helpful for gamers. As a minecraft player, I have learnt some of the most amazing things from his channel including how to make Rick’s spaceship for decorating purposes. He never takes a break from uploading videos and is always helping his subscribers with helpful and informative videos.

He plays games on his XBOX and the quality of the videos he puts out are always phenomenal. One of his latest videos taught us how to build a Batmobile in Minecraft and I built one in my base to make it look better! His channel strikes a perfect balance between being helpful and informative and being a casual vlogging channel which makes his videos a whole lot interesting. Sometimes he is telling us about the new updates in some game, other videos have a casual gameplay and sometimes he is just updating about his game progress. It’s amazing to see that his hard work has led to about 400 subscribers in under 9 months and I’m sure he’ll get more if he never gives up. Check out his channel here.

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