5 Skills You Should Try Your Hand At During This Lockdown

The experience of this lockdown has been bitter-sweet. Well, more bitter with just a hint of sweet but you get the point. We have all read these “positive” messages on Social-Media and most of us have tried making the most out of this situation and have miserably failed at it.

The life in lockdown has gotten stagnated and monotonous. Our daily schedule is sometimes tightly packed with some online classes and meetings or are just long hours of absolute nothingness, there is no middle ground. It has gotten annoying but we have kind of grown used to it.

No one knows how long this Coronavirus will live on but we need to make this time our worthwhile by keeping ourselves busy and, well just DOING something! So, to help you out, I am putting out this list that will help you choose a skill to learn during this dull-pathetic-piece-of-shit lockdown.


Photoshopping is highly in demand and requires very little time to get the basics out of the way. It is essentially art, you know exactly what to do, but the technique matters a lot! That technique is usually achieved with hours of practice. We all have at least a couple hours to spare in our “busy” lockdown schedule and that is honestly much more than enough. Even an hour or half every day for a couple weeks is enough to learn the basics of Photoshopping.

You can download Adobe Photoshop by clicking here and can check out their official tutorials here. I would personally suggest any beginner to go for the official tutorials. Some YouTube channels are also an option but for me, the Adobe’s official tutorials were super easy to understand and follow. They also offer you the download links of all the files they used in the video, and each video has slow and clear step-by-step instructions. They divided the tutorials into many different concepts like, the usage of colors, different tools etc. Thus, it is easier for everyone to keep track of their progress and go over the tutorials one concept at a time.

Music Making

Okay, who doesn’t love music? Some people have a super narrow choice of music and are picky with the genre, and some people just love all songs except the ones they don’t. Well what if I told you that you could make your own tracks that others could totally vibe to, and you could do it for free! I made a list on my Instagram some months ago about ‘Top 5 Free Music Making Softwares for Beginners’ but I haven’t really talked about how every music lover should definitely try their hand at making music.

It is easier than ever to make high-definition professional sounding tracks and present it to people all around the world through the internet. Using softwares on your Personal Computer with a decent microphone could really help you lay down some sick beats. If you want to be much more involved into this music making journey, you could always buy better equipment for better quality and comfort while making some music. Using platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube or Bandlab could help you gain some listeners for your tracks slowly. So go check out that list I made, grab your first free music making software and start making some killer tracks!


Most of us love to have a conversation or voice out our opinions. Podcasting has to be one of the best forms of content you can create. It can be whatever you want to talk about, no matter if it’s philosophy or just a random chat with friends! Interestingly enough, the day I released the first episode of my Podcast was the first day of lockdown in my country! (This was totally a coincident and I’ll definitely remember this forever). Podcasting or even blogging has really helped me shift my mind and get these opinions off my chest. (Even if only 5 people listen to/read them)

You just have to speak your mind and that’s the whole idea of a podcast. Which is also a reason why every podcast is unique, it’s because they are basically a recording of people’s genuine thoughts and feelings and interests. These are some things that vary from person-to-person. You can start your own podcast for free using Anchor. Generating an audience is relatively easier as your podcast would be available on platforms like Spotify, Overcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.

Learning a New Language!

This may sound pretty boring but when you get the hang of it and see your progress, learning a new language gets super fun! I have been learning Spanish online and it’s quite interesting as you see how your fluency and vocabulary of the language has improved. It gets even more interesting when you notice that you can have a basic conversation with a native speaker!

There are numerous ways of learning a new language online. There are certain websites, built for the sole purpose of teaching people a particular language, there are YouTube channels that can help you or the best way is to use dedicated applications and softwares. I used Duolingo to learn Spanish and it’s a piece of cake when you’re using Duolingo. There are pictures that help you understand the word, there are also audio recordings of phrases and words just so that you can make sure you can understand words in conversation. Another great feature about this app is that there are many pronunciation tests where you have to speak a phrase or word into your device’s microphone, the app then makes sure if your pronunciation was correct. Trust me you won’t regret using your extra time of procrastination to learn a new language.

Culinary Skills

The number of people I have seen on Instagram who suddenly have this burning desire for cooking, is mind-blowing. Since the restaurants have been closed down, people went like, ”F**k this, I’ll bring home the restaurant”. Everyone and their mothers are attempting to be the next Gordon Ramsay and ironically, some of them are actually doing a great job. Cooking is a kind of skill that not many people paid attention to before, but for some reason it is kind of a trend now.

Using a recipe from some cooking blog or from YouTube and slowly preparing your meal side-by-side is immensely satisfying. Even more satisfying if it turns out to be edible with no side-effects. Trying to find the perfect recipe is not a difficult job and if the whole recipe is prepared and taught in a video, it essentially is a cakewalk. Maybe cooking could be the your talent that you never discovered. You never know till you try!

Hope this list helped you select a skill to learn! Drop down a comment and I’d be thrilled to reply and interact with you! Sending Love!

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