3 Reasons Why I Loved The First Season of ‘Hunters’

Hunters is an Amazon Original series that premiered on February 21, 2020. As of now, only the first season of the show has been released which consists of 10 fantastic episodes. The premier of this show was incredible and I loved every single minute of each episode. The first few episodes got us all hooked to the show and we were made sure that we are in for a ride. The overall story line is pretty gripping and helps get the viewer be completely in sync with the story, half-guessing what might happen next. Even though the show gets the viewer completely involved, the plot-twists are highly unpredictable. There are many reasons to love this show and here are 3 of mine.

The Overall Plot

I have always found films related to the World War 2 and the horrifying events of The Holocaust to be cinematically impactful. Mainly because these films are crafted with utmost attention to the details to the point where it impacts the viewer’s conscience and emotions. The whole cast and crew of the film performs and participates in the making of the film with a lot of concentration and respect.

I find the plot of this show to be pretty distinctive as it revolves around a secret group of Nazi Hunters in 1977’s New York City. This secret group discovers that Nazi War criminals are conspiring to create a ‘Fourth Reich’. The story then proceeds as they show how these War Criminals are eliminated by the Hunters and they slowly fill in the missing pieces of a much bigger puzzle.

The pilot season, consisting of 10 episodes, starts off and ends with major plot twists, leaving the viewer wondering what might happen next. The end of the season was ‘bitter-sweet’ for many but I only half-agree. The end of the season was gradual and the climax was brought with the perfect momentum of story. The season ended with a completely unexpected climax, which solved many mysteries but opened doors for many more.

The Incredible Cast and The Legend Al Pacino

The casting of this show was close to perfect with highly talented actors like Carol Kane, Josh Radnor, Logan Lerman, Saul Rubinek and Kate Mulvany playing their roles as Nazi Hunters and supporting Al Pacino’s starring role; Meyer Offerman, to hunt down the Nazis and stop them from executing their wicked plans. As the show progresses, you genuinely start hating the Nazi characters which shows that even the antagonists did an insane job with their roles.

To be honest, I only started watching this show because of Al Pacino as it is his first series and I am one of his biggest fans. Al also did a Netflix Original film – The Irishman, starring De Niro and Pesci. I loved that film to the bits as it had a heavy ’80s Mafia Flicks’ vibe. Watching Al perform once again in a brand new TV series, was something I couldn’t possibly refuse. Al, at 80 years old, still hasn’t let his talent rust. The legendary actor continues to conquer each shot with his jaw-dropping acting and proves that age doesn’t set any boundaries to talent.

When a film or a show consists of numerous talented actors, it becomes difficult to give equal importance to all characters. Even though I believe some characters have not been given the chance to really unlock their true potential, each character is unique in their own way and is almost a perfect match for the actor playing the role. All the supporting roles did an amazing job but for me, Carol Kane’s performance as Mindy Markowitz really stands out and shines bright.


David Weil, the creator of the show, explained in an interview how everything in each shot is trying to inject story. The color theory that the creators used in the show explains and indicates each character’s personality and motives. Red stands for blood, Blue for Justice, Green for militancy and hiding, Gold is hubris, Yellow for Innocence (Which is why Jonah is usually seen in yellow jackets or sneakers.) and Orange stands for Energy. These colors are subtle in every scene but has an unknowing effect on the viewer’s perception.

Another interesting way to inject story is by the physical representation of the psychological damage that has happened to the characters. Out on Jonah’s street near his house, there is always a bombed out car sitting on the curbside. The physical representation of the mental trauma that Jonah has gone through is clearly visible in almost every episode. This shows how deep the storytelling runs in this show and the story is narrated not just by the actors but by set design and costumes.

Jonah Heidelbaum always has tones of Yellow in his costume
Jonah wearing a plain yellow jacket which symbolises Innocence.

I binged this show and completed the 10 episodes within two days. With intriguing storyline and action-packed ‘Hunts’, this show managed to keep me on the edge of my seat and my eyes glued to the screen. The work put in to create this show is mind-blowing and even though it received average or mixed review from numerous critics, I enjoyed all of the episodes and highly recommend all of you to watch it and leave your thoughts down below in the comments.

You can check out some extra content on my Instagram where I share my 4 favourite characters from ‘Hunters’.

You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video.

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  1. I usually don’t watch any series nighter i have any idea about web series but this blog has excellently described the first season of ‘hunter’!

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