3 Reasons Why Vice City Is My Favourite Grand Theft Auto Game

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is my all-time favourite GTA game and there are many factors and reasons that helped me shape this opinion. Even though it’s partly based on personal reasons but I’m going to give you my thoughts on why I find Vice City to be so enjoyable.

Culturally Woke Game

I found this game to be deeply connected with the American Pop Culture. In any field, culture is the bridge that connects the seller to the consumer. 2002 is the pre-modern gaming era and gaming was slowly making its way to the mainstream culture, of course it wasn’t as big as it is today but it was a start. Games like these laid the foundation of the bridge that connected video-games to the pop culture.

The game had insane soundtracks, the Vice City Radio had some of the greatest tracks and I even did a list of my favourite tracks on Vice City Radio on my Instagram. The opening soundtrack was an upbeat electronic track which gave off the summer vibes. The voice-acting cast in this game was without a doubt a 10/10. You can check out the Top 5 Voice-Actors in GTA Vice City who I found to be perfect for their respective in-game character.

The map even though was not very big, was well-designed and didn’t have large spaces of nothingness like deserts or other useless blank areas that devs add to just fill in the map. The only place which was blank, was the Washington Beach but it’s at the extreme end and not in the middle of the map. The city was filled with some stunt jumps here and there, Easter-eggs and pop culture references, all of this made the map much more lively.

The main plot revolved around the drug wars of the 80s and the storyline escalated with plot twists, betrayal and lots of killing. The storyline was overall pretty involving and each character played an important role in keeping the story webbed together. Vice City was developed in about 9 months which is almost unbelievable, considering the fact that it had an impressive storyline and the overall setting of the game was perfect.

Miami, the 80s and Scarface

Vice City was set in Miami and the whole atmosphere of the game was as vibrant as the real-life Miami. On top of that, the developers took the perfect decision of making the plot based on the most trendy decade of all time. The 80s. Bringing these two vibrant things and fusing them together gave birth to Vice City which had the 80s and the Miami vibes embedded deep into it with convertible sports cars, sunny weather and buildings jumping to life with purple, blue and pink lights making evening drives along the beach much more fun.

By introducing a game that was set in 80s’ Miami it was de rigueur for developers to draw inspiration from the cult classic flick, Scarface. Majority of the plot was inspired from Scarface, from the characters to the storyline every single aspect of the game had some reference. There were certain locations in the game which were completely ripped from the film, Vercetti Estate was mainly based on Montana Mansion, Apartment 13C was based on a scene from the film. I will discuss more about these references in a future blog post.

My Personal Connection with the Game

For me Vice City is one of those few games with which I have formed a personal connection. I played this game as a kid and it was the first game that I ever played. I used to play it with my elder brother on his PC and I remember adding all kinds of mod and having fun finishing missions or just shooting down all the VCPD cops. I have played many games with my brother and have many memories of playing games with him and revisiting these games always make me feel extremely nostalgic. I also played ‘The Last Of Us’ with my brother and mentioned it in one of my previous blog post. You can read it here.

I played this games as a kid and was not aware of the major inspiration it had drawn from Scarface. My father and his younger brother love Scarface and later when I watched it, it immediately became my favourite movie. After knowing about that I was even more impressed by the game. Coincidentally my favourite game is based on my favourite movie and I wasn’t aware of it for a very long time. The 80s’ setting and action-packed mafia shootouts were enough for me to fall in love with the game and the movie.

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