Top 8 Al Pacino Quotes

Hoo-haa! To celebrate the legacy of one of the finest actors in Hollywood, I decided to dedicate a week to Alfredo James Pacino! Starting off with the first post, we will list out 8 of his best quotes.

My personal favourite Al Pacino quote is “The camera can film my face but until it captures my soul, you don’t have a movie.” This basically sums up all of his performances where you witness him get under the skin of the character and reshape his identity with a unique personality, almost as if he creates a whole new individual with nothing but remarkable acting.

Make sure to leave a comment telling me about your favourite Al Pacino Quote!

1. The man who played Tony Montana and Lt. Vincent Hanna was once SHY?!

2. Badass Level: Al Pacino!

3. Profound words in a casual manner!

4. Theatre is much more than just a passion for Pacino, and the hustle on the streets as a “no-one” got him to the top!

5. Criticism is the fuel to growth.

6. Bet you can’t name a single Pacino performance which was “just average”.

7. Well said, Lt. Hanna!

8. Wait, but the eyes never lie, chico!

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