Top 5 Michael Corleone Quotes from ‘The Godfather’

Even though the first Godfather film didn’t highlight Pacino’s role all that much, it was the film where he set his mark. He played a promising role as Michael Corleone which was necessary since he was essentially the next Godfather after Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando). The second film was to revolve around Michael only, if it was not for Al’s extra-ordinary acting skills, the trilogy would’ve felt incomplete.

Here are Michael Corleone’s 5 unforgettable quotes from the first film in the trilogy.

This is obviously the dialogue after which Santino started taking Michael more seriously. Michael was never involved in the family business but slowly started proving his worth and during the discussion with his brothers, this line was the turning point in Michael Corleone’s whole character arc.

This quote was almost like a first and the last warning to Fredo. Michael ended his dialogue with a lot of emphasis on the “…ever“. Since, this was the last warning, Fredo was not forgiven the next time he took sides against the family.

Michael had become much more confident and had a lot of assertion in his judgement and of course his father, Don Vito Corleone’s teachings. By this point in the film Michael had determined everyone’s intentions and had figured out who were the traitors and was guided by his intuition only.

This dialogue can be perceived in many ways. In the beginning of the film, Michael had told Kay “That’s my family, not me.” when he was telling her the story of how his father helped Johnny Fontane with his career. At this point in the film, after seeing his father lying on his deathbed, Michael had made a decision to personally get involved in the family business and take revenge.

This has to be the most iconic one-liner out of all the Godfather movies. This quote also depicts how at first, the family tries to approach someone in a friendly way but if their friendly request is outright rejected, they have alternate ways of getting things done.

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