Top 5 Michael Corleone Quotes from ‘The Godfather 2’

This film is claimed to be the best one in the trilogy by viewers and critics alike. This was the film which allowed Pacino to give a performance of lifetime and not be held back in any way. Michael had completely taken over the family business by now and had become the new head of the family. This film had a slightly convoluted plot but managed to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The climax, the plot twist and the way the storyline escalated was all perfect, of course not to mention every actor’s performance.

Here are Michael Corleone’s 5 unforgettable dialogues from ‘The Godfather 2’

1. Michael was guided a lot by his father and this is one of the many things he taught him.

2. I can’t lie, John Cazale’s acting in this particular scene was simply spectacular.

3. The worst part is that, Kay knew that there was no escaping from this ugly business.

4. There was no turning back now, Michael had made up his mind for a payback.

5. Also, no one ever said you can’t kill a cop. That too, a crooked cop.

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