Top 5 Michael Corleone Quotes from ‘The Godfather 3’

Even though ‘The Godfather 3’ didn’t live up to the standards set by the first two films, it mainly lacked in the plot and storyline, definitely not in acting or the execution whatsoever. Al Pacino, as I (and many other people) believe, has never given an average performance and this film was not an exception. A remake of this film is set to release sometime soon with an altered ending. Th efilmmakers decided for a remake cause the feedback that this film received was nothing close to what everyone had expected from ‘The Godfather’ films.

Here are Michael Corleone’s 5 best quotes from ‘The Godfather 3’;

1. They never mix well.

2. Leave no marks, reveal no vulnerabilities.

3. In this case, family.

4. This has to be the single quote from The Godfather movies that I try to live by.

5. The way Pacino delivered this line added so much more emotion and value.

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