3 Reasons Why I Appreciate Green Day’s Latest Album

The Album Cover of ‘Father of all Motherf***ers’

Green Day released a 10 track album ‘Father of All Motherf***ers’ on 7th February. Three tracks from this album have music video and the album has a unique icon; a unicorn puking rainbow which was also featured on the cover art of ‘Hella Mega Tour’. I believe starting off from the cover this album comes off as a low-effort album. The cover is essentially just the ‘American Idiot’ cover with Father Of All… scribbled all over it.

The album received a lot of negative reviews from listeners and has led to the creation of some really interesting theories on the internet. Regardless, as unpopular as my opinion may be, I appreciate their latest album even though I didn’t necessarily like the music.

It is probably a really audacious experimental album. The whole album was much more pop than punk and the sounds were much more monotonous in every track throughout the album but that’s just one man’s opinion, which makes me suspect that this was an attempt for Green Day to check their fanbase’s taste and what appeals to them.

Even though it is not confirmed, the chances are high that this was just an experimental album and nothing else; because through the years, Green Day at least has a basic sense and idea of what kind of music we would like.

It really disappoints me when I see the fanbase completely trashing the album and completely forgetting the fact that this is the same band that has created some of the best rock albums. The loyalty and maturity of a fanbase is really tested when the band takes audacious steps like these and if this was in fact an experimental album, I love Green Day for doing something like that.

I think the fanbase should appreciate that if not necessarily like the album. Leaving a negative review is totally fine as long as it is for the album and not the band being “out of their prime”.

A theory on the internet also suggests that this was a troll album. The album, as I earlier said, was more pop than punk, but if this theory turns out to be true, that has to be one of the most punk-spirited decision taken by the band.

One of the main reason why fans are inclined towards believing this theory is that this was Green Day’s last album with their record label Reprise Records. They probably wanted to either use this to experiment the fanbase’s taste or go out as a real punk band and just leave us all hanging with this awkward as hell album. I really think that the sounds on many of these tracks were indistinctive and it was almost as if a high-school band was forced at gunpoint to make some music from the top of their mind.

Few songs are not that bad. I discussed my top 3 songs from this album in an Instagram post. (Follow my Instagram page for daily content!). The songs that I listed were Graffitia, Oh Yeah! and Meet Me On The Roof.

I like Graffitia and Meet Me On The Roof the most, but they still did not come close to my level of expectations from Green Day. To be honest, I like these songs as much as the worst ones from previous album, but since there isn’t enough element in this album for me to compare, these are the only ones that have managed to stand out.

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the song “I was a teenage teenager”, which really does seem like a troll track from the name itself. I honestly don’t know what to feel about this one and I usually just reluctantly listen to it with a straight face but still somehow enjoy some parts of it and manage to sit through the whole track.

On the whole, I think the negative reviews that this album is getting is completely fair but we need to leave the pissed-off reviews while keeping in mind that Green Day is one of the greatest rock bands of all time whether or not they released this album and if not anything else, they are artists and every artist’s work should be appreciated and respected even if it is not liked.

I still love Green Day just the same and I really, truly love them for trying out new sounds with their music and not letting a certain genre hold them down and restrain their creative freedom. I will listen to some tracks from this albums still, I’ll probably shake my head in dismay but won’t blindly hate God’s Favorite Band.

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