Why Are ‘DaBaby’ and ‘Among Us’ Memes All Over The Place?

If you’ve been active on any Social-Media platform, you must have noticed a lot of memes floating around that follow a pretty similar pattern. Every person’s Social-Media timeline has been infested with excruciatingly painful memes which have some sort of reference to the online multiplayer game, Among Us.

Another type of bloodsucking memes you must have come across would be the ‘DaBaby’ memes. Jonathan Lyndale Kirk popularly known as DaBaby is an American Rapper hailing from North Carolina. The most common ones you would have noticed would be the ones with the cover of DaBaby’s ‘Baby on Baby‘ album.

Among Us dropped off from the mainstream culture and conversation a bit before 2021 began. On the other hand, regardless the fact that DaBaby is an exceptionally talented and chart-topping artist, hasn’t really done anything in the recent months to be a center of attention in the meme culture.

So what made DaBaby and Among Us the focal point of memes for months in a row!? (and) What does this state about the modern Meme Culture?

I will try my best to answer that and give you a little insight into this peculiar phenomenon by listing ‘3 Things that DaBaby and Among Us Memes Tell Us About The Modern Meme Culture.’

Meme trends are interconnected and wired together

As far as I have paid attention, DaBaby set foot in the meme culture recently because of a line from his track ‘Suge’ which was in his 2019 album ‘Baby on Baby’. The line was;

‘I will turn a n**** into a convertible’

Because of this line, someone decided to make a meme with DaBaby’s head on top of a couple car tyres, making him look like a car of some sort in reference to the line in his verse.

XXL Magazine also recently tweeted out about this weird meme trend;

This single meme garnered a lot of attention and thus, DaBaby slowly creeped into the mainstream meme formats. Once a single meme gains a lot of attention, it’s not resorted to be enjoyed in its original form alone. A single concept is stretched out and transformed in different ways to be relevant in different formats and this was the starting point for DaBaby’s meme lore and has now evolved and adapted to new styles like the following;

Source: @snochy.diam on Instagram
Source: @ricecrispyeet on Instagram

The fine line between ironic and unironic trends

Similarly with Among Us, when Among Us was ridiculously popular and was one of the top games with the most active online players, some edgy fans would sneak into the comment sections on Social Media and start making Among Us references. This slowly transformed into people making fun of these people by doing excessively ironic impressions of them.

This trend has gone on for months and by now is well out of hand. I won’t lie I played along with memes like these and at this point I’m somewhat trapped between these constant thoughts about these Among Us memes which are psychologically painful yet hilarious. The most mentally draining and popular format is where people try to find the Among Us character in everyday object.

This transition between taking jabs at toxic 7 year old Among Us players ironically, to this being an inescapable form of meme was gradual and almost unnoticeable.

Comments like these are clearly ironic and extraordinarily hilarious but trust me this trend began from the impersonations of actual human beings who would act in a similar way.

Overkilling a single type of meme has extreme results

A joke taken too far and used for too long usually makes it super dull super quick. When it comes to memes, this is not always the case. A repetitive joke on the internet either gets extremely uninteresting in a very short period of time or goes on to become an iconic meme. Among Us and DaBaby are the two examples of such iconic memes, and it almost seems as if they’re more embedded into the culture every passing minute.

Fusion of different memes seems inevitable and is loved by almost everyone. Memes like don’t just get mixed with different meme formats they get involved with pretty much anything that’s trending on the news and social media and since the trending topics keep changing over time, these memes technically evolve over time.

Kanye West has been trending on Social Media a lot lately and this is how Kanye West also meets Among Us showing how different meme topics may fuse together to form new types of memes. Here is an example;

Source: @liptardism on Instagram

Although these memes are stuck to our timeline like bloodsucking parasites, they’ll fizzle out of existence in some time when people are done innovating it using every single meme format in existence (although we can’t be so sure about anything when it comes to the Internet trends).

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