Why is Eminem getting so much hate these past few years?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known as ‘Eminem’ is among the world’s top-selling artists of all time. Em was never really mainstream media’s favourite but he always somehow seemed to connect with a large amount of audience. Yet after extraordinary success and receiving a lot of recognition and respect, Eminem has not been getting great reviews for a while, especially after the release of his ninth-studio album ‘Revival’. In fact there is an abundance of people hating on Marshall.

There are many reasons as to why Eminem got so much hate that he had to put out a whole album responding to all the backlash he received after ‘Revival’ and other things that had been piling up.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Eminem Is Getting A Lot Of Hate These Past Few years.

Revival wasn’t an album expected from Eminem

Saying that Revival wasn’t well-received would be an understatement. It was TRASHED! The worst part about this was the fact that it was not just the critics, Eminem’s fans couldn’t really do much but say it how it is; Revival is not a good album. Everyone was totally dumbfounded and many claimed that Em couldn’t stand up to their lowest expectations.

Personally, I thought that the hate for this album in particular was justified but at the same time it was blown out of proportion. The few things that I didn’t like about this album were; the features, production on some tracks and Eminem’s chopped up flow and delivery which I personally think is not something his fans associate him with. A handful of tracks on this record were pretty decent in my opinion; River (feat. Ed Sheeran) and Walk On Water (feat. Beyonce) are pretty good.

I think the two best tracks on this album are Castle and Arose which are the closing tracks on this album. The delivery is good, the storytelling is flawless, the lyrics are mind-blowing, and I frequently listen to these two tracks in particular to this day. The lyrics in this track are coming straight from his heart and there’s no way it could be anything but fantastic.

Regardless of the fact that there were a few tracks which were decent, the record overall wasn’t all that impressive especially for a comeback album.

It’s almost as if Marshall already responded to the reception this album was going to get in the future, in the opening track ‘Walk On Water’. Although I’d agree that Revival wasn’t an impressive album, but discarding it altogether without attempting to understand the message behind the songs is blatantly ignorant. The negative reception of this album was also used by the haters so that they could also push forward their motives to “Cancel” Eminem. Calling this album bad is okay but using the bad publicity to try to discredit Marshall’s abilities is unacceptable.

The Annoying Stans and Em’s Corny Bars

Stanning is not a disease exclusive to Marshall’s fanbase but it is slowly spreading out to other fanbases as well. Hands-down the two most annoying fanbases are that of BTS and Eminem. Don’t take me for a BTS hater, I appreciate their music but I do have a problem with a large part of their dangerously obsessed fanbase that never takes a joke casually.

I’ve been an Eminem fan for well over a decade now and have kept up with all of his music ever since then but I think there’s a difference between being a Stan and a fan and Eminem himself has explained this in his song Stan featuring Dido.

This term and characteristic was popularised, and technically created by Em himself but I think some of his fans could never recognise this as a negative term and that it is nothing to be proud of. You can easily find Stans in the comment section on any social media platform. Anyone giving their opinion on Eminem or just sharing why they disliked his songs is bombarded with a humongous wave of dislikes and a load of ticked off comments. Of course anyone and everyone is free to share their opinions about anything but it’s a socially known fact that the way you present your opinions really decides how seriously people will take you.

Being disrespectful to someone who just thinks that some artist’s music didn’t really connect with them is pretty immature. The worst part is that an artist is represented by their fans on social media and if this is the impression that the Stans leave behind, it is no wonder people will continue to try and discredit Eminem.

Another thing that is brought up by anyone who tries to prove that Eminem is no longer as talented as he used to be, is the saturated corniness in some of the bars which do not land well and just seem like failed attempts at trying to be the old edgy Em. There is nothing wrong in trying to make the track more edgy but it doesn’t feel the same only because most of the times the track doesn’t have that narrative and that one quirky simile or double entendre stands out in the verse and makes it sound unamusing and out of place.

But in some instances it gets pretty unjust to some degree because the same kind of edgy bar would be on some other rapper’s record and people would just subconsciously let it slide as people expect Eminem’s each and every single bar to be a ten on ten and it simply can’t be possible and it’s only natural for a few out of a couple hundred bars to be below average.

Cancel Culture and the Bandwagon of Haters

I personally feel cancel culture is just stupid and ‘Gen Z’ has been trying to cancel Eminem for a really long time now. Marshall has responded to them many times here and there and on the ‘Deluxe Edition’ of his latest album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ he dedicated a whole song for the whole Cancel Culture ordeal. The track was titled ‘Tone Deaf’. I have noticed that Eminem has always cleared out any and all controversies and apologised wherever it was required so it’s better to try and move on instead of trying to completely get rid of someone.

Other than that, it’s a known fact that people always try to defame a person when they reach a certain level of popularity and success in their field. They jump on this bandwagon to despise a person mindlessly. Eminem has reached unimaginable levels of success in Hip-Hop and Music Industry in general making him viciously susceptible to haters.

In essence, being on the extreme ends of the situation is just pointless and Eminem’s Stans are just as obnoxious and imbecilic as the Eminem Haters.

Just listen and vibe to whatever music you want and agree to disagree with others. Trust me, you won’t be able to change the other side’s opinions with a pissed off comment under some social-media post so it would be better if we stop doing that.

I admire and respect Eminem and his music with all my heart and I don’t really care what anyone says because as long as I’m enjoying it, I don’t need a second opinion. Eminem has stayed on the top of all my playlists ever since I first heard him rap. Nothing but love for the G.O.A.T!

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